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Government Excellence System
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About the Govern​ment Excellence System - Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Government Excellence System is compatible with the «Fourth Generation» Government Excellence System applied in the UAE federal government, taking into consideration the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Government. The Government Excellence System was designed taking into account the UAE government’s successful experiments. The design relies on the criteria which assist the government entities in reaching a leading position by getting acquainted with the programs, initiatives, and strategies to be adopted and applied and which have been included in three major sections: achieving the vision, innovation, and organizational enablers.


The system has been adopted as a basis for assessing the government entities participating in the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance in order to identify the level of maturity reached by the entities in their march towards applying excellence and reaching a leading position afterwards. In addition, this system identifies the opportunities for improvement which help these entities meet the government requirements.

The Features of Abu Dhabi Government Excellence System

  • 1
    The system takes into consideration the differences and distinguishing characteristics in the nature of the work of government entities’ work.
  • 2
    The Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Model concentrates on results which enables government entities to achieve sustainability and the continuous development of capabilities as a result of learning from performance results.
  • 3
    It is an all-inclusive umbrella covering all requirements of the Abu Dhabi Government, which illustrates the significance of its connectivity and integration in achieving the Abu Dhabi Vision
  • 4
    It is not an extra burden on government entities as it focuses on the entities’ performance of their main duties.
  • 5
    The system focuses on the main enablers of excellence such as personnel, hiring local employees, financial system efficiency, risk management, business continuity, organizational communication, and innovation.
  • 6
    The system is also easy to share via the entity’s strategic document and the results of the approved performance indicators, instead of paper documents.
  • 7
    Some criteria are weighted depending on the nature of an entity’s work as seen in its articles of incorporation, while other criteria are mandatory across all entities.
  • 8
    Ease of participation.