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Structure of the Fifth Session Awards
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Chairman Executive Council Medals
  • 1General Manager / CEO

    Granted to General Manager or his equivalent who led the performance initiatives of their entity towards achieving high criteria and effectively contributed to supporting the integration of the work of the Abu Dhabi Government and its entites in order to achieve the objectives.

  • 2Long-Service Dedicated Employee

    Granted to employees who has completed more than twenty years in service, in different level of job, in many government entities and must be in currently working.

  • 3Executive Director

    Granted to Executive Managers who have made a significant difference to their entities and society at large. It can also be granted to employees with supervisory roles at various administrative levels such as Department Head, Pillar Manager, etc.

  • 4Supervisory employee

    Granted to employees who perform roles that is related to supervisory work at different level of management.

  • 5Administrative Employee

    Granted to employees who carry out administrative duties in the entity they work with, provided that their job is not of managerial or supervisory nature.

  • 6Specialized Employee

    Granted to employees who have scientific or professional qualifications in their field of specialization such as expert, specialist, researcher, accountant, auditor, translator, teacher, physician, pharmacist, judge, prosecutor, art director, media professionals, editor, auditor.

  • 7Technical Employee

    Granted to employees working in technical, scientific, engineering, IT or medical fields, such as engineers, system analysts, laboratory technicians, audio-video technicians.

  • 8Innovative Employee

    Granted to employees who developed, tested and implemented a creative idea, which led to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the entity›s performance, or a benefit to the general public.

  • 9Happiest Supervisory Customer Service Employee

    Granted to the employees whose jobs entail supervising customer service centers such as managers of customer service centers, customer service supervisors, etc.

  • 10 Happiest Non-Supervisory Customer Service Employee

    Granted to employees in government entities whose job requires direct interaction or dealing with customers, such as receptionists, information desk employees, communication employees, etc.

  • 11Field Employee

    Granted to employees whose job nature requires field work, (non-office work outside the premises of their entities), irrespective of their roles or job titles.

  • 12New Employee

    Granted to recently graduated employee, provided that they have been in employment between (6 to 30 months) in the entity at the time of submitting the their application.​​​