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Structure of the Fifth Session Awards
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Main award
Outstanding enitity

Granted to the entity which managed to distinctively carry out its main duties and worked towards the fulfillment of the requirements of the Abu Dhabi Government. Coherence and integration are paramount in its performance and this entity has the best results in all criteria.

Pillars Awards​​​Awarded to the distinguished side that achieved the highest score at the level of the section​
  • 1 Innovation

    Granted to the entity with the best result in the innovation pillar.​​

  • 2Enablers

    Granted to the entity with the best result in the in enablers’ pillar. ​​


Main Criteria Awards
  • 1 Abu Dhabi plan

    Granted to entities that managed to fulfil the requirements of Abu Dhabi plan.

  • 2Customer Happiness

    Granted to the entity which understands customer needs and provides s services exceeding their expectations.

  • 3Digital Government

    Granted to the most outstanding entity in the digital transformation of service delivery.

  • 4Happiest work Environment

    Granted to the most outstanding entity in developing their employees and sustaining the employment of UAE Nationals, to maintain a happy work environment.

  • 5Financial

    Granted to the best entity that showed an outstanding financial performance and worked towards the optimal use of resources while raising operational efficiency.

  • 6Corporate communication

    Granted to the entity that demonstrates how they use internal and external corporate communication to highlight their work and duties and raising the Abu Dhabi international reputation.

  • 7Risk magnement & Business Continuity

    Granted to the entity which implements Risk Management and Business continuity.​

Government Service Awards
  • 1Best Government Service Awards

    Granted to the entity which developed a service that was able to achieve outstanding results. (a submission document required for participation).

  • 2Best Joint Service Award

    Granted for a service that is jointly provided by more than one government entities, which realises the best service delivery results in terms of its ease and smoothness of delivery. (a submission document required for participation.