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Structure of the Fifth Session Awards
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Main Criteria Awards
  • 1 Abu Dhabi plan

    Granted to entities that managed to fulfil the requirements of Abu Dhabi plan.

  • 2Customer Happiness

    Granted to the entity which understands customer needs and provides s services exceeding their expectations.

  • 3Digital Government

    Granted to the most outstanding entity in the digital transformation of service delivery.

  • 4Happiest work Environment

    Granted to the most outstanding entity in developing their employees and sustaining the employment of UAE Nationals, to maintain a happy work environment.

  • 5Financial

    Granted to the best entity that showed an outstanding financial performance and worked towards the optimal use of resources while raising operational efficiency.

  • 6Corporate communication

    Granted to the entity that demonstrates how they use internal and external corporate communication to highlight their work and duties and raising the Abu Dhabi international reputation.

  • 7Risk magnement & Business Continuity

    Granted to the entity which implements Risk Management and Business continuity.​